Euro Electric Tour *


    25 countries, from Paris to Brussels via Athens, Helsinki, Lisbon, ...!


Discovering and sharing Europe going to it, in an electric car!

While preparing this journey in 2014, remarks come : electric, it is not possible! no pump! why not with a diesel, so convenient, available and economical!

Crossing Europe pouring diesel exhaust that even the World Health Organization confirmed as carcinogenic, is it reasonable?

Electric cars generate far less pollution when used. With the improvement of their construction, their charging and recycling, they can conquer world!

Today few are able to perform more than 100km without charging, but we are in the XXIth century! Electricity is everywhere and increasingly produced from renewable sources. It supplies our lighting, our toys, our kitchen, our smartphones, our bikes, our stores, our trains, our businesses, our computers and the Internet!

Okay, but finding an accessible outlet for several hours every 100km, it is not realistic!

With an average distance of 160Km per day, it is possible! With a Tesla S it will be a reality with included fast chargers in several countries, range over 400Km and some public chargers, the number of complementary home plugs become reasonable.

Nevertheless, getting a Tesla S
for a few months is complicated. Rental rates applyimg by day or for long-term, often for 3 years, are not suitable, not to mention stress as "may circulate only in the territory of metropolitan France."

A partnership with a company offering Tesla S
rental allow the rented vehicle to circulate in Europe during the months of the project. A discussion has already begun to allow a start before summer, during the European Sustainable Energy Week (June 15 to 19)!
Accelerate things, show your interest, follow and participate to the adventure! Discover this land of great diversity, both human and geographically. With its landscapes, villages and towns, meeting the locals, artists, associations, companies, local actors, travelers ... partners without whom this tour would not be possible.

Why 25 countries?

This number represents more than half of geographical Europe with over 40 countries. Are we able to quote already 25?
Between this 5 countries : Andorra, Bulgaria, Croatia, Iceland and Serbia, how many belong to the European Union?
The history of Europe is a succession of divisions, inhuman mess but also cultural, scientific and human conquests. For fifty years, organizations have reduced tensions, improve trade, here are some that respond to the previous question:
- 19 members: Euro Zone, a currency
- 26 members: Schengen area, a border
- 28 members: the European Union, "United in diversity"
- 32 members: European Economic Area, consisting of the EU as well as Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Iceland
- 47 members: the Council of Europe, protection of rights. Including members of the EU, Andorra, Serbia, ...

Through this challenge, rediscover Europe today in electrical and prepare it for tomorrow!

20150327_Serge_Marcoussis_153846Serge R, visited 18 countries in Europe, 4 spoken languages, roads-trips in America, Australia, Europe and also Africa during an eco-volunteering, fan of beautiful landscapes, innovative projects, museums, exchanges, tradition and modernity ...
The number of people involved increases and will cover Europe in the coming months. Among them a student team who prepares its own European Rally to promote EV. Partnership proposals, equipment, financial services, media are welcome!  (Contact: via the website or via email to (A)

Map EET, Europe, Serge R, March 2015 (map:
Highway, Region Graz, Austria Photo by Serge R, May 2014
Nature, Region Graz, Austria Photo by Serge R, May 2014
Tesla S, Oslo, Norway, Photo by Serge R, January 2014
Serge R, Marcoussis, France, March 2015
Serge R, Monaco, June 2014

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